by Steven Honig

I always thought there to be beings in remote parts of our universe and someday their spaceships would land and we would all get to know them. That, they would be like us, only different; maybe more spiritual, more technologically oriented, and that they would be receptive to us. I was surprised when I realized they, the saucers have landed, they are already here, and that I am one of them.

From my early youth and manhood I knew I was different from others but not sure exactly. For instance, I know no matter how I tried I could not learn to spell, and that I could not force myself to learn things. I also knew I could do things that other kids couldn’t; I would see obvious solutions to complex problems, I could invent things, compose poetry, and was aware of philosophical ideas beyond my years.

I was definitely not like others, my parents, or my sister – nor did I need a book to guide my spirituality or morality. I guided my life through the storms of growing up and my life took unusual paths. I self educated myself in math and science. This stuff came natural to me, and I quickly became a distinguished – accomplished electronic engineer in the era when all the technologies were in flux.

My life and values never changed – my hero was Albert Einstein, the philosopher. My years as a distinguished engineer passed. Life took its twists and turns and I found myself living on the streets fighting for my sanity and survival.

More recently I have regained some momentum as an advocate for those other extra terrestrials who can’t force themselves to conform for any length of time.

People who don’t understand our differences label us for their convenience, names like weird, lazy, wise guy, etc. They say we don’t’ want to conform, when in fact we can’t and shouldn’t. Yet, we are the "inspired ones" we do things others can’t do. We are the inspired writers, the scientists, physicians, pioneers and distinguished leaders. We are the ones who agonize over the status quo and bring positive changes, our names are in all the history books, amongst Nobel prize winners, and the champions of causes; we are the ones who can’t be bought or sold.

Some of us find our place in history, while many others are cast out to the far corners of society – All of us shoulder the human rejections. Let me end on the words of Albert Einstein, "Great spirits, always encounter violent opposition, from mediocre minds."

Copyright 1998 Steven Honig.  All rights reserved