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According to a recent local survey of mental health consumers, many people experienced arrogant pharmacies in order for us to get necessary meds, such as stigma, long waiting, rude attitude, non availability of information, delivery mix-up, etc.  One of the way to solve this problem is  ECONOMICAL BOYCOTTBy acting together, we can choose quality pharmacies and patronize those that treat us well.
Try Professional Infusion Pharmacy, Inc.  279-8055 (1-800-262-8055)  725 Northway Drive, Anchorage, Alaska  99508 and let us know what you think.  They claim Quality of Life is their Goal.  This pharmacy is women owned and operated!!  Please share your good and bad consumer experiences.
We wish we ALSO had women auto mechanics and computer techs!
Carrs Huffman Pharmacy was reported consumer friendly and also, Carrs Aurora Pharmacy is open of 24 hours.  ( Only one in Anchorage)
Side Street Coffee Shop    412  G Street   Anchorage,  good place for consumer discussion or solitary meditation, coffee 75 cents and up
For senior consumers,  free coffee every Thursday morning at Walmart McDonald, 25 cents at every McDonald in Alaska
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