Division's Responsibility

AS 47.30.660(b)(12),
http://www.touchngo.com/lglcntr/akstats/Statutes/Title47/Chapter30/Section660.htm, provides:

"(b) The department, in fulfilling its duties under this section and through its division of mental health and developmental disabilities, shall  . . .
(12) investigate complaints made by a patient or an interested party on behalf of a patient;"

Trust Responsibility

AS 47.30.031(b)(3), http://www.touchngo.com/lglcntr/akstats/Statutes/Title47/Chapter30/Section031.htm, provides:

(b) The [Trust] regulations shall address, but are not limited to, . . .
     (3) procedures by which an aggrieved person or group who believe they have not received services that should be provided from the trust may apply to the authority for redress;