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Do you suffer from relapses of serious depression?

Don’t give up!  There is something you can do to alter the situation.


Mastering Severe Depression is about utilizing a ‘Wholistic Approach’ to gaining control over the forces of depression.


Severe depression is an assault on your Spirit.  Mentally and physically you may be buoyant, but spiritually your motivation is depleted.


Your life is analogous to a flagpole with three guide wires that hold it in place.  The guide wires are your Body, Mind and Spirit.  Like the flagpole, if one wire should weaken, the flagpole need not fall as long as the other two guide wires are sturdy.


Gaining control of depression (an injury to your spirit), can be accomplished by an ongoing commitment to strengthen your mind, your body and your spirit.  This is the ‘wholistic’ approach to health.  Strengthen your ‘guide wires’ and let the winds of depression blow, without pulling you down.


I can only give myself as an example of how I applied the Wholistic Approach.


            At the height of my career, I experienced severe depression, including insomnia, loss of my voice, and painful, recurring thoughts.  Taking antidepressants, I was able to work only intermittently.  I had a career with a recognized reputation in my field, but that soon went down the toilet~ and I was down for years afterwards.

Not until I threw the medications into the garbage-can, did I feel better.  On the radio, I began listening to Dr. Alan Watts, a westerner who lectured on Eastern Philosophy.  Eastern Philosophy caught my interest and sparked something in me.  I had lost my sense of who I was from the years of isolation and this ‘new’ philosophy helped.


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At the park, I began participating with a Martial Arts Group.  I invested all my energy into practicing simple, basic movements.  I was doing something for myself.  I acquired a new four-legged friend, which helped, too.  Researching diet and nutrition, I learned how important certain foods and nutrients are to mental health.  My quest to become ‘healthy’ in body, mind and spirit evolved into a full time proposition.

I was doing something for myself, and my ‘down’ times began to shrink.  When ‘down’ time did come, I knew all I had to do was to ‘hang-in’ until it would pass.

That was 30 years and several careers ago.  My interest in philosophy and Wholistic Health continues today. 

Today, my program of Wholistic Health includes a low-stress lifestyle, communing with nature, nutritional herbal supplements, creative movement and expression, fresh air, giving and doing positive energy activities, learning about ‘LIFE’, being as productive and self-reliant as possible and avoiding the Medical Establishment.

I truly believe everyone can be effective in finding their own path to overcome the hold depression has and that Wholistic Health and Self-Reliance are the keys.



Now, for you to take the Wholistic Approach, ask yourself:


            1)         What three things can I do to strengthen and make my body                                          healthier?


            2)         What three things can I do to make my mind healthier?


            3)         What three things can I do to strengthen my spirit?









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Some suggestions based on my experience are:


            #1  For Body~ 

                        * Reconsider Diet - learn about foods that make you healthy

                        * Increase Exercise - bike, dance, walk, swim. . .etc.

                        * Fresh Air, Sunshine and Rest

            #2  For Spirit~

                        * Commune with nature

                        * Commune with your God

                        * Volunteer time and energy to help others

*  Surround yourself with those who have a Positive Energy Spirit

            #3  For Mind~

                        * Avoid or limit T.V. time,

                         Replace it with something more physical and fun

*Read books, essays, articles that inspire new thinking and ideas

                        * Acquire new hobbies and develop creative interests

                        * Keep busy!



Do not feel overwhelmed by all the choices you have to take control of your health.  Choose one idea and make a plan for when, where and how to begin.  Your choice should be one that is both challenging and enjoyable.


Depression is a different experience for everyone.  However, when you take an active role, like myself and others, with ongoing strategies to strengthen your Body, Mind and Spirit, you can get the edge on depression, if not eliminate it altogether.