Can you imagine yourself hiking wilderness trails, exploring quiet beaches or just relaxing and observing the natural beauty around you?  Would you enjoy the experience of settling in to the comfort and safety of a small cabin warmed by a wood stove?


I have built such a cabin and make it available to friends, like you, recovering from mental illness.  You are welcome to bring a family member, or two, if you wish.


The guest cabin is a short distance from my cabin and is situated on a wooded bluff overlooking Viekoda Bay.  The rustic environment allows you to escape from phones, electricity and flush toilets.  Cell phones do not work out here.  There is a sideband radio which I can use to communicate with the Coast Guard in case of emergencies and Andrew Airways, the air taxi.


You may make your reservations through Andrew Airways which provides the Air Taxi Service that will bring you to this wilderness retreat.


With an initial visit of two or three days, you may discover the effects of nature to be healing and rejuvenating.


There is privacy, or if you desire, it would be my pleasure to hike, or visit, perhaps share a meal together.


You should bring your own food and drinking water.  The cabin is furnished with kitchen utensils and a propane cookstove.


There is no hunting.  Firearms are forbidden. 

Pets are discouraged.  If you MUST bring a dog, a leash is required at all times.


There is no charge for the use of the cabin.  You are responsible for your own travel expenses and arrangements.


I have homesteaded and lived here for 14 years now, and many friends of all ages have benefited and enjoyed the uniqueness and beauty of Viekoda Bay- the journey and the adventure.


For more information on the Viekoda Bay Homestead Cabin or reservations visit      Phone: 907- 487-2566



This Kodiak Wilderness Guest Cabin is maintained by donations to Rehab Community- A, Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to extending the wilderness option to those who find inspiration in the mystical forces of nature.


We welcome you to the Viekoda Bay Homestead Cabin!


Your host-  Steven Honig